Tristan Edpao

Wednesday night guest instructor for July

Catch him this month

Eli is on vacation for the month, but we have a real treat for you all. Tristan will be subbing for Eli of July as our guest instructor, to give you all a different experience at Stylz.

Tristan started dancing back in 2006 with Team Millennia's Summer Intensive 3. He later joined TM juniors in 2008 and has been a part of the community since. In 2010 he danced with Marvels Dance Company and soon became one of their Co-Captains. By 2012 he joined the reputable renown team, GRV. The reason as to why Tristan is still dancing to this day is because he is absorbed by the concept that dance is a constant cycle of growth. He is always learning from others and will forever be a student.

How do you feel about being a guest instructor for the month at Stylz?

"I'm excited! I've taken classes here a few times and to be teaching for a month is something I'd never thought I'd do. Can't wait to see some old and new faces!"

Where else have you taught?

"I've taught at The Lab Creative Arts Studio, Dellos Dance studio, Boogiezone Utopia/Jayvee/Focus, Talent Factory, & other pop-up workshops around SoCal. I've also had the opportunity to teach out of state in New York, New Jersey, & Hawaii."

What is there to expect from your classes?

"You could expect a fun comfortable dance environment. I'm here to teach my students and help them not only grow as a dancer, but as a person too. We as dancers have creative minds that are constantly inspired with experiences. I believe other than watching YouTube videos or going to dance shows/competitions, taking class is a sacred place for students (and teachers) to learn, grow, and experiment."

How would you describe your dance style?

"To be completely honest I have yet to figure out what my style is. I've only been choreographing/teaching for a year and I'm still developing, trying to experiment different realms of dance. Although lately I've been into working with a lot of r&b music."

One random fact about you

"I like to cook"

There you have it, be sure to catch his class so you all you don't miss out, we're excited to have him here and would like you to be apart of this experience!


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