Barkada Modern

Summer Auditions

Get ready for this summer's Auditions

Barkada Modern, also knows as bMod, was founded in 2005 and represents Cal Poly Pomona as part of Barkada, the Filipino-American student associations. Currently residing at Stylz Dance Studio in Covina, bMod seeks to provide a positive environment for dancers to learn and grow with the promotion of unity and teamwork while continually striving to exude their creativity and passion through dance. Barkada Modern is not just another dance team; they dance as one through the support and love for one another. Barkada Modern is a family.

The auditions will be held June 25th, 2015. To learn the peice they will be using for the audition it will start on June 23rd, 2015. Registration starts at 7PM, we will be looking forward to you all there and good luck on your auditions!


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